Read a Book!: Battle Royale

March 20, 2009

Battle Royale

by Koushun Takami

So, I thought this was a manga first, but apparently I was mistaken.

If I had to describe this book in a sentence, I’d have to say it is Lord of the Flies, brought to you by the repressive government from Akira. Except, instead of the kids being abandoned, they are coerced into killing each other and given the means to do so (sometimes hilarious means, like darts or a fork).

This is another good/awful book. If you can stomach the violence, it is an interesting take on how these kids would respond to the coerced “game”. Personally, I could not put the book down. It’s 100 or so more bigger pages than Guns of the South, and I finished it in 3 days. The copy editor of my version did a poor enough job that I remember reading errors, but they were not bad enough that context clues could be of no avail. Read a Book!


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