Life of LEM: What’s Going On?

March 10, 2009

Ironically (which seems to be the word of the day), my 360 started displaying the dreaded “red ring of death” a day after my post about how Microsoft can permanently fix the problem. I get to start that process in the morning. Who-hoo?

Interestingly, my book review of America Alone got linked by these guys. They seem to be a bunch of bloggers that post stuff from their individual blogs together (evidence: original post here).

That is all.

UPDATE: Well, this is a first. I got linked by an author of a book I reviewed. An author actually interested enough in what the little guy had to say about his book to throw in a hyperlink. It would have been cool to get a blurb quoted, but still not bad, all things considered, eh? Maybe if you went out a bought his book, I’d get my semi-intelligent ramblings enshrined on his blog.

Now, read a book! Preferably after giving Mr. Steyn more money.


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