Cue the Final Fantasy “I Won a Fight” Song.

March 6, 2009

100th post. Level up!

As is traditional in this kind of post, here comes a list of previous content lists.

The Post That Started it All: Aha, I Exist Again

Most Viewed Post: Superhero Decadence

Most Overviewed Post: Update on the $3.7 Million Dollar Strumpet

Post I Had the Most Fun Writing: the Egh-Y segment from To Cuba, but the Monkey Knife Fight post is a close second…

Weirdest Post: Adventures in Not Watching the Super Bowl

Next time, I think I’ll let the dozens of regular readers submit suggestions for hi- (and low-) lights. Until then, read a book! (While still occasionally reading me, I hope. I bet you thought I forgot about that sign off, eh? Actually,  I did. So, there; you were right.)


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