UNICEF: Good or Goblin?

February 27, 2009

We just finished our 2nd, seemingly biannual fundraiser for UNICEF, and boy, are my feet tired. This time I got to work the business part mostly on my own (stupid Obamacession) while the UNICEF organization got to have all the fun upstairs; I got a little help but had to face the never-ending line on my own from when the assistant headed up the stairs to wash dishes at 8:30 until 11 when the line died down and the event was over. So, I am just a smidgen drained and grumpy.

I looked up how UNICEF claims to help children last time, but for those of you that never wondered enough to see how they spend your All Hallow’s Eve money:

And, since we are talking about a branch of the UN here, to meet the children-focused UN Millennium Development Goals. That opens up a whole different can of worms.

There are a number of problems with the stated goals of UNICEF. When I found out that UNICEF is going the way of “comprehensive sex education” last time, I could not agree to giving them money. In fact, I have problems with any organization that accepts the UN Millennium Goals wholesale. The goals I cannot support: universal availability of contraceptives and abortion as a part of Target 5B and Target 6A; mandatory enviro-cult principles enshrined in US law as a part of Target 7A (which, of course, interferes with eradicating malaria); and I am sure, others, if I dug further into how the UN wants to meet the other goals.

So, these development goals essentially require every government on the planet to start the cap ‘n’ trade scam and supply free condoms/abortion on demand. UNICEF will use your money to do it’s part, teaching kids how to use condoms and pre-natal infanticide to meet those UN Goals (reduce the number of teen parents and infant morality rates).

There are better ways at preventing AIDS and better places to give your money.

The moral of the story: research how a charity will use your money before you give it. Else, you will be an unwitting assistant to evil.


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