This is a First for Me…

February 26, 2009

So, a Lorenzo Bouchard sent me a “comment” for my Koran Challenge post. And by comment, I mean a longish article he wrote and shoves in various people’s comments sections. His comment here starts with “Ban Islam for past and present War Crimes”. I have seen this before in other people’s comments section and it always bothered me, for a number of reasons.

I am uneasy about approving the comment. It is not that I find the content offensive or otherwise disagree with it so much that I do not wish to have it on my site; I just think that, if someone is going to write an article, they should use their own publishing methods to put it out there. The guy has his own website; he should use it. He also supplied a broken URL in the “tell us what your website is so we can create a hyperlink using your name in the comments section” blank.

This brings up the purpose of comment sections. Comments are supposed to be, to use a cliche, throwing your two cents into the conversation. If there is no direct link to what has already been said (either the post or some previous commenter), it is noise, not an actual contribution to the conversation.

That’s my other problem with the comment: while not exactly off-topic, Mr. Bouchard did not even bother to make a reference to the video. He did not say “Hey, I agree with this guy. Here is something I wrote on the subject: [hyperlink here]”. He just began his speech. That would be like barging into the middle of someones conversation at a mixer and have a 5-minute rant mildly related to the subject at hand; all it does is offend the previous participates in the conversation.

Which brings us to the joys of moderating comments. I can keep bargers from interrupting. I have provided a way (with this post) to read what he wrote without approving a comment 4 or 5 times longer than the post he was “commenting on”. I hope he is satisfied with this; if not, he is welcome to resubmit his comment after fixing the problems I enumerated. Or, he is welcome to try and change my mind about the purpose of comments sections.

Am I errant in my thought on this subject? Let me know.


One Response to “This is a First for Me…”

  1. Tony G Says:

    I agree with your thoughts of comments. I think you gave him too much credit by even offering a hyperlink. Anyway, hope all is well!

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