OPM and the Masses.

February 20, 2009

I do not remember what exactly brought this up, but work employee said something about how (badly paraphrasing) “You should be ready for universal health care”. I said,no, even though I cannot afford to get sick right now, I think universal health care is a bad thing (if my latest Barack Obama and His Cabinet of Doom is any indication). Just because I would currently “benefit” from a program, it does not mean it would be good for the country. Sure, I would be able to suffer though an European style waiting period to see a doctor instead of spending a couple of months’ pay (I have much more extra time than money); but the increased taxation and decreased medical research and development spending (who would be willing to spend millions of dollars creating a new drug when they know the government would not allow them to get their money back) would hurt the general economy and the state of medicine, respectively. As a different example, I would get some social benefit from a government-mandated fiesta every 3 PM; but the loss of productivity would hurt the economy further.

All that to say, I saw this and thought I should share.


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