Operation: Gun Totin’ Career?

February 16, 2009

Is it weird to have a mid-life crisis at 24? My 25th birthday is coming up and I feel like I am worse off than where I was when I was 20. At 20, I was a senior in college; now I have a graduate degree and work as a night manager at a coffee shop. As a night manager, I have absolutely no social life (as I have noted before). And most of the people than put up with my obnoxiousness when I was in college have moved on: they got married and/or moved away.

I am in a very nasty rut. The life of a night person is lonely and miserable; something has to give. I need to do something rather radical if I am going to have any semblance of an enjoyable career.

If I learned anything while doing my teaching internship, it is that I am lacking in classroom management; I was non-renewed for “not sufficiently improving the rapport I had with my students”, code for not able to get the jocks in line. A school that I would want to work for will not hire me with that black spot on my record unless I am able to show that I have somehow fixed the problem. So that is a dead end.

Getting another “menial” job (with more normal hours) is another dead end. I would say that I am unavailable to work on Sunday and, as anyone else who has tried to get a job while limiting your availability will tell you, I will get passed over for someone more willing to break a Sabbath.

The way I see it, I have one of two options: 1) give up on having any semblance of a social life and become a hermit, only emerging from my apartment cocoon for work or 2) enlist.

And, if the name I gave this operation is any indictation, I am heavily leaning towards the military. I am in a decent position to start off as an officer and I would be able to use a military career to show that I can manage a classroom. Call me old fashioned, but I am also looking for an employer that is willing to invest in young, stupid kids like me. The assumption that college makes someone fully competent is a bad one.

So, Operation: Gun Totin’ Career? is now beginning. I’m getting started by heading to the recruitment office tomorrow. If you have any ideas, throw them at me. Over and out.


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