Stimulus Bill, Can’t We Just Be Rid of You Already?

February 14, 2009

[Nota Bene: I thought this was published on Thursday.]

I’m kind of tired of the stimulus bill. I mean are there not any other horrendous ideas the Democrats could be promoting? It seems that all Congress has been doing for the last 6 months was throwing money all willy-nilly at whatever they think was floundering. I did not know what to think the first time they did it, but, by the time the UAW bailout came to the floor, I was ready for them to stop creating inflation to try and prevent the inevitable depression. At this rate, the Obamacession (as I like to call it) is actually going to take a decade instead of the 4 years I have been saying/hyperboling it will. You keep crowding out private investments with this “rob from the rich and give to the incompetent” bailout mentality and this recession is going to get a whole lot worse.

Well, looks like the end is nigh, mainly because the Democrats are not going to release the conference bill’s contents until they vote for it tomorrow. Let’s hope we see a repeat performance of the House vote (if we cannot get more Blue Dogs to jump from the Stimulus Bill ship like asphyxiated rats from a vacuum of pork). That would be swell.


2 Responses to “Stimulus Bill, Can’t We Just Be Rid of You Already?”

  1. Mark T. Market Says:

    This post got me thinking about inflation.

    After seeing Zimbabwe citizens forced to pan for gold since their money has become worthless because of hyperinflation caused by their country’s printing of currency, it’s frightening to think if this can happen in the US and in Europe.

    Glenn Beck already did his Al Gore impression on the hockey stick–but this time on hyperinflation caused by bailouts.

  2. liberexmachina Says:

    Well, I don’t think it would get that bad, but inflation is another factor to be considered; especially if they plan to pay for this stimulus by printing new money instead of confiscating it from the taxpayers (a.k.a. the productive). I know politicians make stupid economic decisions, but they can’t be so stupid to fling an extra trillion dollars of legal tender out there. The “crowding out” principle is the more likely candidate for causing the extension of this recession.

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