Operation: Yearly Rejection on Hiatus

February 14, 2009

Well, Sts Cyril and Methodius Day is upon us with no suggested dating targets (of any quality), so I guess Operation: Yearly Rejection is on hiatus. It will not technically be classified a failure until 31 December 2009 (assuming I do not get rejected by then), as it is a once-a-calendar-year affair. Ergo vita est.

A little bit of wisdom to be gleaned from my lack of progress so far: the need to interact on a more casual basis before a relationship can begin (nobody likes a blind date) probably would have made my blog appeal futile. Even if one of you readers had suggested a suitable candidate, my work schedule (6 nights a week, with Sundays off) would not have easily allowed for that casual group interaction. I mean, who has time to “hang out” at 3 in the afternoon? Well, I guess high school kids do, but that is a little creepy (or pedophilic).


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