The Obligatory “Why I Am Not Watching the Super Bowl” Post

February 1, 2009

First of all, looks like I made 50 posts without giving up on the whole blogging thing. Go me.

Tomorrow (it’s still Saturday in my mind until I am asleep) is going to be very lonely for me. For, as you can tell from my post title, I am not going to be amongst the billions of people watching the Super Bowl.

It is not that I hate football or do not care about the results or anything (Go Cardinals!). It is just that I do not like making people work for me on Sundays.

Breaking away from the 2 sentence paragraphs, let me explain. I work 6 nights a week, Monday through Saturday; I deal with money at work on a daily basis. I think it is important for me to step away from the whole money exchanging thing on my day off (which happens to coincide with the traditional American day of worship, Sunday). I realize that whatever straws of sanity I still cling onto are a result of me having a consistent day off to sleep and worship God. Part of respecting a Sabbath is allowing others to do the same, in my opinion. The last thing I should do on Sunday is to force some poor fellow with a job like mine to wait upon me for legal tender. Waiters, checkers at stores, ushers, ticket takers, hot dog vendors, pizza delivery guys, and boom microphone wranglers (sorry for those jobs I forgot about) need their day off too.

If you are able to enjoy the game (or any live television for that matter)without being bothered about all the Joe Six Packs that had to skip church to do their job, then have fun watching the Cards beat the Steelers.

As for me, I’ll just enjoy the work of soulless machines (pre-recorded tv, servers, and whatnot). I’ll probably make a first attempt at liveblogging my “not watching the super bowl” “adventure”; normal people liveblog their reactions to important things, so of course I have to liveblog about something mundane. I will also be playing the “Hide From the Super Bowl Results” Game, where I actively avoid finding out who won. I’ll make a post stating how long I made it if you want to join in on that fun; I apologize in advance if I am your news filter (which would be pretty sad) and the news posts are rather lacking for a while.


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