A priest, an Obama, and a blog walk into a bar…

January 24, 2009

This is like getting the cart before the horse for me, but look what the Vatican did.

A point of disclosure, I took Hotair’s headline link literally (Vatican rebukes Messiah) until I actually clicked the link. Just goes to show you that it is hard to get sarcasm right textually.

The background: Bush reinstated the policy (via executive order) of not giving foreign aid to abortion clinics when he took office 8 years ago. Mr. Obama re-reversed the policy (also via executive order) yesterday. The Vatican called him an arrogant, power-mad disappointment, to slam all of the blurbs together.

This little hunk of bias ends the linked piece:

“The order won Obama praise from Democratic lawmakers, family planning and women’s rights groups but drew angry condemnation from pro-life organisations and Republicans.

More than 250 health and human rights organisations from around the world sent Obama a letter, thanking him for ending a policy ‘which has contributed to the deaths and injuries of countless women and girls.'”

If the piece is supposed to be about Vatican response to Obama’s executive order, why is this in the piece at all? I guess the Agence France-Presse wants you to think that it is uncivilized to “deny” women the modern day equivalent of infanticide via exposure (just like the ancient Greeks!). And it was not as if we were denying them the ability to kill their kids; we just were not going to pay for it.

In other Obama ‘n’ Me news, I got linked by some Obama gossip site. Wierd, huh? I need to work on my textual sarcasm too, I guess.


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