Life of LEM: The Obligatory Inauguration Post

January 20, 2009

So, apparently the inauguration was today. I, like any red-blooded American who was up until 3.5 AM playing chess and recovering from work, slept until about 1 PM. I did not even watch TV until I showedup at former roommate’s apartment to help grind beef sausages (he was so annoyed at the collagen casings they bought on my account…). Even now, I have yet to watch any Obama Inauguration galas and whatnot.

Nor have I any desire to do so. This whole election cycle has been one giant disappointment for me. The media dubbed the worst possible candidates to be the front-runners for the Republican nomination, giving the guys that should have won no real air-time (did you know that Duncan Hunter won the Texas caucus? Or even who Duncan Hunter is?). The second-worst candidate got the spot, only because Guiliani imploded with his stupid focus-on-Florida stratagem.

McCain campaigned against Obama like Thomspon during the primary, that is, he expected minions to get the message out and sit on his media-cushioned laurels. With the exception of naming Palin as his V.P., he did nothing to make conservatives welcome on his Maverick Express; even that was overshadowed by the self-destructive way the McCain campaign used her: a few spots (that I missed because of work) with visibly antagonistic interviewers, a single debate moderated by someone with a pending book about the Obama Era (it came out today, assuming the publisher did not pull the book in disgust), otherwise hide from the voters.

The whole post-election coverage was even worse. Half the time, the fawning media could not even bother to say “elect”, calling Obama president in December. Time named Obama “Person of the Year”, featuring a Kevin Bacon game with the other winners, and put Tina Fey on the same level of importance as Palin; I still want to burn my roommate’s copy (I gave up on Time long ago, but he bought a newsstand edition). Everybody and his dog in the news industry was trying to jostle in the inauguration coverage, even Oprah, Scourge of Masculinity Everywhere. I’m tired of it, and I only had to endure commercials. From now on, I am ignoring any Obama inauguration news like the plague; I’ll pay attention when he actually attempts to accomplish something more substantial than campaigning.

On the plus side, publish times work (that is how the latest Barack Obama and His Cabinet of Doom appeared whilst I slept). As does pages.

So enjoy the slew of new fiction, peruse my disclaimers (more to be added eventually), and… Read a book!


2 Responses to “Life of LEM: The Obligatory Inauguration Post”

  1. coffee Says:

    Obama’s speech was really good; i appreciate his candor and general classiness

  2. liberexmachina Says:

    I think it would annoy, disappoint, confuse, and infuriate me. I’m tired of the incessant fawning over the guy.

    Just because he is the president does not mean I have to like it.

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