Pre-Inauguration Mish Mash

January 19, 2009

This week is going to be chock full of Obama inauguration related humor. 2 episodes of Barack Obama and His Cabinet of Doom are already scheduled (check out the prologue here), with 2 more already written by the time this is posted. My goal is to have all the major players introduced by the end of the week so that, whenever Obama does something nefarious enough to deserve mocking, I can write something up without having to worry about who I have introduced.

Here are some things to tide you over. Enjoy:

First of all, during Marvel’s Secret Invasion, I finally got around to visiting their website. Lo and behold, this beauty of a video was on it. It felt like a typical Obama ad; in fact, I think they used the same voice-over girl. Can you spot the difference between an Obama ad and an ad designed to pacify us from our murderous urges to defend our planet from alien invaders?

Secondly, The Onion News Network had this hilarious post-election piece:


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