Anti-Facebook Statement o’ the Day!: Peer Pressure

January 16, 2009

So, a buddy sent me this today via the e-mail.

I have already partially addressed my wariness towards Facebook, but let me address the main crux of this argument: I should be on Facebook because everybody expects me to. Wasn’t that the main argument the “cool kids” at high school would use to get you to do stupid things? ‘C’mon, everybody else is doing it…’

If I lived like how “everybody” expects me to, I’d be trolling the bars every night looking for floozies and hooch. I mean, is that not what the typical 20 something does with his free time?

And, yes, I realize that I miss out on social goings-on. But joining Facebook is not going to resolve my hermit-like lifestyle. In fact, it would probably make it worse. At least in my current situation, I do not get to read about all these social events that I am missing out on by going to work. I do not have to constantly put forth the effort to send replies of “Thank you for thinking about me, but I have to go to work.” In fact, with Facebook’s typical “send e-vite to everyone” function, the thank you would be facetious; they probably do not realize that they are sending me an invitation to an event they know I would be missing. Why put myself through that level of depression? As the clique goes, “Ignorance is bliss when it is folly to be wise.”

Read a book!


Now my roommate sends me this. It’s like there is some kind of conspiracy to get me on Facebook.

So, now I should join Facebook so that I can become an on-line recluse? Like a single mom! Because everyone should want to emulate single moms, I exclaim sarcastically.

I think, at least in my case, Facebook would replace actual interaction and that would be a bad thing. I am already socially incompetent enough to where people avoid hanging out with me until they are finally forced to get to know me. I do not need people making the “he’s on Facebook so I don’t have to talk to him” excuse. They would never get forced to be actually around me and I would be left laying on the couch, stabbing furniture, alone all the time.

Read a book! Not Time Magazine, but a book!


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