Speaking of Strumpets…

January 15, 2009

Tip of the Hat: The Other McCain and Hotair.com

This would have been post number 5 yesterday if I saw this in time. Oh well.

So a co-ed auctions off her virginity to pay for a college degree, huh? Wow. That’s just a “little” sleazy.

A wise man (or at least a wiseguy) once said around me (and I am poorly paraphrasing): “A prostitute is better than your average fornicator because the prostitute knows what she is giving away has value.” And I agree with the sentiment. She is going to get millions if she is not busted for prostitution; her older sister pulled a similar (though more low-tech) stunt of street-walking for 3 weeks to pay for a degree. Reading the linked Times article, I imagine both of these ladies lost their mental and emotional innocence long ago, but at least they understood what they were doing had some kind of value. And apparently, what they value is money and pieces of paper that say they know women.

Not that I say this to defend their actions. But, if you are offended by the concept of women whoring themselves out to the highest bidder, think about the value the typical American woman places on virginity. If Mr. McCain is correct, the average American girl gives it away before she turns 17. And what do they get for it? A dinner, some illicit hooch, a boyfriend that treats her like trash for a couple more months?

So, next time you try to watch shows that praise that kind of behavior, keep the $3.7 million dollar hooker in mind. And, read a book!


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