More Episcopal shenanigans

January 14, 2009

4th post for today. Guess interesting current events come in waves.

The Church of England Invests in Al Gore.

Al Gore founded Generation Investment Management, LLP, an investment firm that includes “sustainability factors” in typical investment analysis, giving investment money only do companies that are considered eco-friendly enough to have “long-term” profitability. The Church of England (and, I guess, their American cousins, the Episcopalians…) gave $225 million to GIMto play with. That’s right; the Church of England is fueling the “revert the standard of living of the middle-class Western world to subsistence farming standards” eco-craze.

There is a big difference between the church visible and the church invisible. The church invisible are the  actual Christians while the visible church includes those playing Christian for one reason or another. If the Church of England has nothing of value for the church invisible (you know, Holy Spirit infused worship of God through reading the Word, Biblically-based sermons, Biblically based hymns, Biblical fellowship, evangelism, discipleship, effectual prayer, et cetera…), only the visible will remain.

I do not know these heads of this body segment and do not presume to know their hearts, but mayhaps it is time to repent? If they truly believe that it is government’s job to help the poor and not themselves, the Biblical account of Christ’s birth being marked by a star holding still over Bethelem is fictional, and Britain should not fight creating Sharia based courts for Muslims in spite of the fact that Muslim women have essentially no rights or protections under it, then maybe it’s time to either turn away from their lives of sin, coming to believe in the Gospel, or turn away from their lives of church administration, coming to be honest about their (at best) heretic ways.


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