Life of LEM: Got linked?

January 14, 2009

Look, I got linked! Above a fold even (I’m a “talking”)!

Remember what I said about reading against one’s type? Well, this is a good example of it. So is Deadpool#6 (it is Wednesday after all, but that is all I had on my pull-list today).

I would argue that social liberalism should be equated with decadence. Decadence is that “do what feels good” modality that fights against the Judeo-Christian ethic. It is a statement that man is ultimately a good and noble creature that is oppressed by a society that does not want it to have it’s “fun”. That, if only those forms of “oppression” (such as poverty, religion, marriage, et cetera), man would be perfect. If that does not describe the social aspects of modern liberalism, I do not know what does.

But, as I noted with my first commenter, your perspective does affect what you read into a piece of fiction. A Senior English example: in Their Eyes were Watching God(thank you, Oprah, I mutter sarcastically) I viewed Janie as a strumpet while some of the girls in class saw her as a hero for leaving Logan Killicks (who I thought was a black version of what I’ll be in my 40s: bald, hard-working but emotionally distant guy that cares little about my personal appearance and cannot get married outside of the old arranged marriage protocols).

But, huzzah minor Interweb notoriety! Read a Book! But not that trash by Zora Neale Hurston.


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