January 8, 2009

Man, this is the THIRD post I have put up in thew last 24 hours. Plus, I have written 2 more (scheduled for soonish). If I keep this up, one day I might be a legitimate blogger.

One of those written and scheduled postings is for the upcoming inauguration. Ironic then that this comes up (Tip of the Hat: Man, if I was one for ret-conning, I’d be tempted to somehow fit that in. But, I have learned my lessons from the last “Cabinet of Doom” serial from the old blog: focus is important and don’t merely copy another character (like I did for Jim Adler, The Texas Hammer). Throwing in a “Spider-Man saving the day” scene makes the inauguration story needlessly long and is kind of weird, considering what will happen. Jim Adler was boring (yet obnoxiously fun to “write”); straight-up stealing Spider-Man would feel like a similar experience. Just you wait and see what I have in store for Mr. Obama (coming 20 Jan).

If you follow the links to the USA photo gallery, you’ll see this on the 4th picture:

“And I can’t shake the feeling that if I hadn’t showed up, he would have handled the Chameleon all by himself” – Spider-Man

Chameleon is, let’s face it, a lame super-villain. My fake image of Obama could take him (granted, not in the traditional, “beat-the-snot-out-of” sense). So I guess Spider-Man’s fake Obama could too. But I admit that I am projecting things on him; I have a feeling Spider-Man is being serious. I just lost some respect for Spider-Man. Or at least whoever wrote that drivel.

Interesting to note that USA Today mentions the fact that two liberal icons were in Marvel’s works (FDR and JFK), but failed to mention that “Dubya” has appeared in Marvel’s stuff, too. I own at least two instances (Bush orders Deadpool to capture Cable while the three are in the Oval Office; the Initiative recruits thwart a Hydra attempt to capture Bush while he is vacationing in Crawford). Soft news media bias!

Now, read a book! Or at least look for other “Dubya” appearances in Marvel comics.


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