Aha! I Exist Yet Again!

January 2, 2009


I exist yet again, according to the “Interwebs as Reality” theory that passes around the kids my age. My first foray into existence was on an AOL blog from an AIM account that is long gone; boredom resulted in my slowly oozing out that reality. My seond attempt was on Zude, which exploded in my face as, a few months later, Zude shifted from a little known social-networking universe to a platform for business website publishing. Let us hope that the third time is (to excuse the cliche) a charm.

So, now that I have (sort of) returned from Interweb exile, questions arise:

1) Why even return?

I pondered this for months. It was a surprisingly difficult decision. On the one hand, this kind of thing is the preferred communication method for my generation and I have been excluded from quite a bit because I am too stubborn to “give in”. On the other, I did not want to compromise my ability to get (and keep) a real job with ill-advised interaction. As someone who is trying to get into the teaching trade, espousing Christian conservative values is a good way of not being offered a position in a traditionally secular liberal occupation. Teachers also have to be wary of breaking the level of professionalism betwixt their students by befriending them on those interweb socializing sites. Ultimately, the need to socialize with my peers overcame the worries of job insecurity.

2) Why here and not on one of those “real” social-networking sites?

A number of reasons, actually.

For one, I am not “cool” enough for those real sites. But, I am nerdy enough to blog and blogging is a Internet socialization too.

Secondly, those sites do not give the level of control I want. I want to be able to write long-winded posts like this one and control how it is displayed. As far as I can tell, the regular social-networking sites requires one to follow their formatting rules and discourage ranting.

Thirdly, my worries that prevented me from giving back into the siren cry of interweb existence is cancelled out by a nom-de-plume (name of feathers) and the ability to ban students and other species of trolls.

3) Now that I am here, what do I do about it?

My vision for this blog is twofold: a) to serve the functions of a social-networking site (let those who care to know how I am doing to know what I am up to) and b) to serve as an outlet for some creative writing, political rants, and other literary labors that would otherwise rot out my brain.

I will regularly be adding life-goings-ons (categorized as Life of LEM). People who care to keep track of such things are welcome to subscribe to the RSS feed for that (I, of course, am assuming WordPress supports subscriptions to certain categories of stuff; a plain ‘ol subscription will do too, I suppose).

I will also be reviving old blog concepts when the timing is right. Ideas on the table include:

  • Barack Obama and His Cabinet of Doom (a revamped version of my “Lets See what happens when I combine liberal stereotypes with the Legion of Doom from Super-friends” serial I did back in the AOL Blog days; now featuring [hopefully] a more focused storyline and less characters!)
  • Frank Lloyd Wrong (a sophistry blaming all of our woes on American architect Frank Lloyd Wright)
  • Operation: Scopin’ Out the Competition (examining Denton, TX area coffeehouses)
  • Chi Squared (a potential disaster of writing a “Choose Your Own Adventure” type short story using random number generators to pick paths)
  • Fantasy Arena Football (doing a “Pick-Em” style fantasy sport league like thing for my professional sport of choice, Arena Football; though I have no idea how that will work…)

Plus, I’ll be writing commentary pieces on various things.

That’s all I got for now,

Read a Book!


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